cycle the bentham loop and discover……

Spot the trout


This temporary installation of spotted trout – made from recycled printing plates- could be seen by the side of the river Wenning, along the cycle route leading into or out of High Bentham.

bloomers in situ sm
bloomers on white sm

Bloomers nearly finished in the studio

silvery bloomers in dark

How the stainless steel mesh shimmers!

the problem with suspending sculptures in trees…..

The problem with suspending sculptures in trees is that the tree may not be well enough, or may need drastic alterations. Ali Clough had the 2 trees we thought appropriate for the bloomers sculpture in Low Bentham investigated by someone who knows about trees. The advise was: only use this tree once it has been made into a pillar.

I can see two solutions:Image

either we A.  keep the idea of the washing line, create it using rigid metal and fix it to the trunk so that there is no weight bearing on the side branch (if poss keep this branch, however this is not essential as we can create the washing line using iron rod. The bloomers will be fixed to that with further fixings running through the ribbons to the side of the trunk.

Or B. We create a 3D kind of Victorian shop dummy to crown the pillar, approx 2 m h.


from afar it would look something like this:


Do let us have your thoughts!


Bleacher’s legs projected onto field along railway


Here’s the idea of a solid cast (iron?, bronze?, aluminum?) of the “Bleacher’s Legs” projected onto Bentham’s loveliest field, as seen from the railway bridge. Approximate height: 4 m.

Fat Sheep

This should be an in-joke for all local folk: the auction mart sign reading “fat sheep”. Is it possible to read this sign without picturing in your mind a nicely-rounded sheep?

I would love to make this sheep, in a similar way to the brown cow below.  Again, I played with bits of wire and came up with this very rough impression:


…..bit with more wire wool. It should be quite large – not only fat, but large like the Derby Ram from a nursery rhyme….

I photographed it in front of Bentham’s loveliest field – again :



Black Bull and Brown Cow


To tell the story of the place the markets, the fairs, the traders and the auction played in Bentham I thought of the idea of making a Black Bull and a Brown Cow. The idea is to make them from mild steel bar, possibly larger than life, in an open construction which could also -at bonfire night – be covered in tissue paper and lit up at night.

I played with some wire on a very small scale to explore the idea…in a rough kind of way….then photographed it in front of an image of Bentham’s loveliest field and …who knows….future community park and picknick-site.


I like the idea that it is much like a fluid drawing in space, which does not work from every angle. You have to move around it to find the spot where the dots join up if you get my meaning…until then you may be looking at an interesting line!

Try to imagine a cow and a bull, facing each other.

bleacher’s legs


This is to the men who worked bare feet in all weather (?) in Bentham’s textile industry. They worked at the sides of bleaching pits, and were employed “dressing” the flax and hemp to prepare it for spinning. As all this was wet work they worked barefeet with their trouser legs rolled up above their knees. Can we imagine the hardship,  the ill health they endured ? They paid a heavy price for keeping bread upon their shelves and the mill wheels turning.

So here’s my idea: a giant pair of men’s legs (monumental/heroic). Fits in rather neatly with two other themes:

1. the giant of the Fourstone Legend

2. the strong legs that the cyclist needs to cycle the Way of the Roses!



To be explored: what to make them out of (bronze would be nice, though no doubt too expensive and theft prone) (….mesh?), at what size, what cost and what would be the optimum location (the field by the brook near the station?)…